Colorado Springs Café Shutters Give Your Home Stunning Looks

Café shutters (sometimes called half-height shutters) can completely change the look of your kitchen, dining space, or in-home bar. Café shutters put the stunning louvers and elegant looks of Colorado Springs plantation shutters on the lower part of the frame, with open space up top to allow light in.

Colorado Springs cafe shutters living room 

The Reason for Colorado Springs Café Shutters

Café shutters are more than just one half of a set of shutters, however. They’re a whole window treatment in their own right, designed to let in a certain amount of light all the time, but maintaining your privacy all the same. This means they’re awesome partners for tall or high-wall windows in your home. Cafe shutters are also great for rooms that can make beautiful use of natural light like the dining room, living room, or the kitchen.

Colorado Springs cafe shutters closedColorado Springs cafe shutters open

Café shutters are able to pair with several other window treatments, if you’d want to occasionally cover the top half. Match natural wood café shutters with an earth-toned valance for that cozy café style, or install white Polywood cafe shutters with some bright and beautiful drapes for a modern and elegant look. There are many possibilities when you can make use of natural light, interior plantation shutters, and your personal home fashion sense.

Colorado Springs wood cafe shuttersColorado Springs Polywood cafe shutters

You might think, “Should I just install regular shutters on my window?” There’s not really a right answer here, since each home is unique. Ask your Sunburst Shutters sales rep for tips to choose the best fit for your home

But some homeowners want the best of both full plantation shutters and cafe style shutters. That’s where divider rail shutters come in.


Divider Rail Shutters Give You The Best of Both Worlds

Divider rail shutters the full frame of a standard set of interior shutters, but with an added bonus. On most shutters, the louvers shift together from top to bottom. Divider rail shutters have two moving halves, meaning that you can adjust the bottom half of your louvers without changing the top, and so forth.

Colorado Springs cafe kitchen shutters 

With divider rail shutters you basically have all the benefits of café shutters, with none of the drawbacks. You can completely close your shutters for privacy, warmth and better lighting. And when you adjust the louvers to lay horizontally, they’re almost invisible, giving you the look of cafe shutters if you ever want it.

Get Café Shutters in Colorado Springs Today!

So are café shutters or divider rail shutters right for you? It all depends on your home’s unique needs, design, and your own personal flair. If you’re stuck in the decision process, Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs would love to help.

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