The First Choice for Cheyenne Canyon Plantation Shutters

For decades, homeowners all across Cheyenne Canyon and surrounding areas have chosen plantation shutters for their windows. It’s easy to understand why–plantation shutters are all the things someone could want in a window treatment.

And for years, residents of Cheyenne Canyon have looked to Sunburst Shutters when they want to install the finest custom shutters or other window treatments in their homes. Again, it’s easy to understand why. Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs has helped transform hundreds Cheyenne Canyon homes, providing modern style, skilled craftsmanship, and renowned shutter products with the simplicity of in-home shopping.

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The Need For Interior Shutters in Cheyenne Canyon

So why do Cheyenne Canyon homeowners go with interior shutters as their window treatment of choice? There are numerous reasons why homes in your region use shutters, no matter if they’re historic, modern, large, or small:
  • Looks - For more than any other reason, shutters are popular through Cheyenne Canyon because they look great. Their solid construction and precise fit give them a feeling of timelessness, and their clean lines make them complement just about any style you can think of. Add to that their naturally beautiful wood grain, with plenty of paint and color options available.

  • Durability - Plantation shutters are constructed to weather whatever the Cheyenne Canyon environment has in store. While other window treatments may lose color or warp after prolonged exposure to sunlight, shutters hold strong and retain their beauty for ages. Shutters also don’t need any wands or cords that might need a replacement after a short time.

  • Temperature Control - Interior shutters shield your home from Cheyenne Canyon weather more effectively than any other window covering on the market. With an r-value that easily beats blinds, drapes, and more – shutters serve to keep your home at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather is like outdoors.

Polywood - The Most Popular Faux Wood Shutter in Cheyenne Canyon

There are many reasons why Polywood® plantation shutters are the best-selling faux wood shutter in Cheyenne Canyon. First, their timeless beauty and quality construction will accentuate any window you have - even if the window is a unique shape such as a eyebrow or angled window.

Aside from their aesthetics, they are highly sturdy and won’t ever crack or warp. Polywood Shutters are also unfazed by moisture and heat and come with a lifetime warranty on all products and professional installation. And their custom weatherstripping design outclasses comparable window treatments’ energy efficiency, blocking nearly 50% of heat loss through your window.

Finally, Polywood shutters are manufactured in America and are built using “green” components. Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs also sells Studio Shutters, which are a more cost-effective, basic shutter.

Warm Up Your Room With Wood Shutters In Cheyenne Canyon

Real wood shutters such as Ovation® wood shutters in Cheyenne Canyon bring a cozy look and richness to any space. Built from durable, furniture-grade wood, Ovation shutters are built to seamlessly fit your windows, and are absolutely beautiful. Offered in several different wood finishes, Ovation wood shutters can accentuate any style in your home so you can achieve exactly the look you’re aiming for.

For an even more natural wood shutter, we also make reclaimed wood shutters that are built from reclaimed wood from older buildings. Every shutter is individual and has gorgeous knots, patterns, and textures that come together to create not only a naturally gorgeous window covering, but also a unique centerpiece for any house.

The Easiest Way To Get Custom Shutters in Cheyenne Canyon

When you decide to pay for a home design project, you normally want the work to be custom tailored to your home, in both its style and in filling your home’s unique needs. With Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs, installing unique custom shutters in Cheyenne Canyon has never been easier. With our four step process, your new custom shutters are in reach.

  1. Schedule a free in-home consultation with Sunburst by calling 303-625-6431 or using our online consultation form.

  2. One of Sunburst’s window treatment experts will bring window treatment samples to your home, and get exact measurements of your windows.

  3. Walk through your shutter options with your consultant, pick what you want, and put in your order.

  4. Once your order comes in, our installation team will put in your brand-new shutters, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Easy, isn’t it? We offer a home design experience others can’t offer: done at your pace, on your schedule, and with experts nearby you every step of the way.

Blinds, Shades and More in Cheyenne Canyon!

Sunburst isn’t just Cheyenne Canyon’s local shutter store. Our window treatment products stretch as wide as your windows do, and then some.


Cheyenne Canyon Blinds

Sunburst’s Polywood Blinds provide the ease and convenience of blinds with the clean looks and strength of Polywood. Offering both faux wood and basswood packages, Polywood blinds are a world beyond your standard metal blinds.

Cheyenne Canyon Shades

Offering pull-down shades, rolling shades, Roman shades, cellular shades and more–Sunburst is your source for Cheyenne Canyon’s best shades. With a large variety of colors, textures, and patterns, you can find your home’s perfect shades with Sunburst.

And that’s just the beginning - go through the Sunburst Design Idea Gallery for additional ideas, no matter if you want blinds, shades, or any other window covering in Cheyenne Canyon.

Go With The Best For Your Cheyenne Canyon Window Treatments

Your window treatments are an extension of your fashion sense, and your house. So choose the best local window covering provider in Cheyenne Canyon - Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs. Our award-winning products, dedication to our customers, and our decades of expertise in the home design and window covering industry give our customers confidence that they’ll have the easiest shutter-buying experience and custom product in their home.

So call Sunburst Shutters Colorado Springs today at 303-625-6431 to set up your free window design consultation in Cheyenne Canyon or any of its nearby communities. We’re here to answer any concerns you have regarding shutters or any other window treatments.