New Window Styles and Design Trends for 2017 in Colorado Springs

Gary Harding

The start of the new year is a great time to revitalize your interior fashion and window treatments with the hottest styles of 2017. From painting your family room, to buying new window coverings or swapping out furniture, we have the guide to what’s hot in 2017 for home design and window treatment trends in Colorado Springs.

Dusky Hues & Pastels

Both pastels and duskier colors are growing in popularity while clear, bright colors are on the wane. Shades of cooler colors like blues and grays are especially popular in addition to muted hues of pink, blue, and yellow. Many hues on the palette are suggestive of nature from deep blue to “Greenery”, Pantone’s color of the year. Neutral colors are still found in the color spectrum with whites, grays and darker beiges giving balance to other hues.

Soft green wall in Colorado Springs kitchen with shutters.

Painting most of your walls in a neutral color and then adding in flashes of color with feature walls, accessories, and small furnishings is one of the simplest ways to revamp the color in your home. Then it’s simple to highlight the latest colors in your interior design today and swap the accessories out when color trends switch after some time. For more color inspiration, check out Behr’s colors trends for 201

When thinking about new window coverings, choose ones in neutral colors such as Polywood® plantation shutters in white or a natural wood color stain. These will go beautifully with any style or color scheme and can stay in place if you swap room colors in the future.

Natural Textures

Natural textures aren’t going anywhere in 2017. Fibers that are popular include woven rugs and baskets, knotted wood, and twine. Designers are finding these textures popping up in new places such as on headboards, furniture, and conversation pieces. You can easily incorporate what you already own and add texture to it such as wrapping a frame in twine or creating artwork out of old wood.

Colorado Springs bedroom with recycled wood shutters.

Incorporating texture into your home through window treatments add another layer of interest to your décor. Reclaimed wood shutters are built from old, natural wood that was once part of doors or structures. The wood has unique twists and knots that bring an all-natural feel to your home. Other window treatments that add texture are Ovation® wood shutters or natural woven shades.


Accessories and furnishings that incorporate different metals are popping up across Colorado Springs. Nickel, wrought iron, and gold are especially stylish in 2017. You can add metals to your décor by adding industrial, rustic, or retro pieces such as stools, chairs, or lamps that are built from metals. Also, don’t hesitate to utilize nickel or brass in your sinks or cabinetry for a more contemporary look.

Contemporary style barn door in Colorado Springs kitchen.

Barn door shutters and sliding barn doors are a charming way to get the visual benefit of metals and add an industrial or rustic look to your house. Barn doors are made from solid wood and have a variety of hardware to choose from such as wheels, tracks, and door handles made from steel.

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